2013 New Media Project Grant Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists in the first-ever round of the New Media Project Grant! At the end of March, one project will be awarded the $50,000 grant.

The finalists and their projects:

BANDLAND, by Bil Sherman

Bandland is a comic book app and web presence about a Minneapolis rock band who strive to make it big in the local scene.  Rock videos, and mini-games litter the storyline, and an interactive "zine" bridges online and real world content into Harry, Joey, Franky and Freddy's adventures. 


DIGITAL CITIES, by Andrew Voegtline

 Digital Cities connects the physical and digital worlds of Minneapolis. A multidisciplinary group of artists will collaborate to present a curated digital art experience across the city. Using their smartphone’s directional orientation and GPS data, viewers will be able to explore, observe, and interact with this digital art as they move about the physical space of the city.




GEEKY PHEEBS, by Sammy Sarzoza

 Geeky Pheebs is the story of Phoebe, an introverted young woman who uses the power of imagination to overcome struggles with family, romance, and career. Through cross-platform, interactive storytelling, Sammy Sarzoza and team create a world full of humor and nostalgia, moving audiences toward charting their own journeys of self-improvement.




JACK AND JOULES, by Michael Richmond

Joules, a brilliant girl from a future where art is suppressed in favor of scientific advances like time travel, has travelled to the present to train Jack, a boy destined to be the most influential (and Joules’ favorite) artist ever, by personally introducing him to the greatest artists in history.




THE LAST COLONY, by Rebecca Kingsley

 THE LAST COLONY examines the disenfranchisement of more than a half million American citizens because they have no representation in the United States Congress. Adding to the irony is that this denial of democratic rights is being practiced in the very city in which this government resides — Washington, D.C.




MY ART IS NOT A HOBBY, by Jon Maichel Thomas

My Art is Not a Hobby is a documentary web series and online community project, chronicling the lives of 100 emerging visual artists and their daily effort to earn a living and create their art. Through online media and discussion, we explore an artists’ process, struggles and their creative achievements.




THE REAL FOOD ATLAS, by Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine

The Real Food Film Atlas will be an online interactive world map in which short documentary films from our series, The Perennial Plate (www.theperennialplate.com), as well other videos from filmmakers around the world will be sharable through an ever-expanding visual database of stories.



SCIENCE IS HUMAN, by James Christenson and Brian Hurlow

Science needs a social movement that inspires, not one that merely informs. We’re producing short documentaries about emerging research causes and the people they affect, showcasing them on an interactive, user-driven website. It's how we show that science doesn't just happen abstractly, but is a practice of humans, for humans.



STANDING WITNESS, by Catherine Meier

In Standing Witness, hand-drawn animations become visual poems illustrating the temporality, fragility, and vastness of the ancient land of Sage Creek Basin in the South Dakota Badlands. Through in-the-land projections, traditional screenings and the web, the project connects art with its origin and the viewer to place, time, and temporality. 



WHEREVER YOU ARE, by Allegra Oxborough and Grant Cutler

Wherever You Are is an interactive documentary web platform. For the pilot installment, we will collect narratives, photos, and field recordings on Little Corn Island. Weaving these documents together, we will produce an audio documentary and site, inviting users to create soundscapes and experience the story of Corn Islanders. 


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