Mission & Vision

IFP Minnesota's mission is to advance a vibrant and diverse community of independent film and media artists through networking, education, funding, and opportunities for showcasing their work. IFP MN envisions a world where expression through images is encouraged and valued. It is the goal of IFP MN to lead the way in supporting the independent filmmaker by creating a healthy and viable filmmaking community in Minnesota.

IFP MN Programs

From novice to experienced media artists, IFP MN provides ongoing programs and services to ensure that your voice is seen and heard. IFP MN believes that independent artists broaden the discussion with a direct impact through visual images, seeding the global culture with new ideas, kindling awareness, and fostering activism.

Currently, IFP MN represents a network of 500 filmmakers in Minnesota, the Upper Midwest, and around the country. Through its workshops, seminars, conferences, and mentorships, IFP schools its members in the art, technology, and business of independent filmmaking. IFP MN has programs to promote racial, ethnic, religious, ideological, gender, and sexual diversity. IFP MN builds audiences by hosting screenings through the Cinema Lounge and MNTV, and exhibitions in our photography gallery. We are training the next generation through "JuiceMedia," an after school program for teens. When all is said and done, IFP MN fosters the development of many features, documentaries, and shorts each year.

Why IFP MN Matters

For film and photography, the Internet and other new media are creating a dizzying array of new opportunities. However, the consolidation of media ownership in fewer and fewer corporate hands threatens access to many traditional platforms. Major film studios are acquiring fewer independent films and marketing more of their own productions and co-productions as "independent." To create a truly independent film and make sure it is seen takes more technological sophistication and business acumen than ever before. Having helped build the infrastructure of the independent film movement and long nurtured its community, IFP now reinforces its leadership role by frankly addressing the changes and challenges the industry confronts. IFP knows from where independent film came, helped it get to where it is today, and has the experience and programs to advance its future.

IFP MN offers education in the art, technology and business of independent filmmaking through 15-20 classes and workshops per quarter, master classes, seminars, conferences, mentorships and case studies. Our Youth Media Program provides residencies in Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools, and has just inaugurated an afterschool program at IFP MN for teens.

The goal of IFP MN's programs is to facilitate interaction between the creative, technical, and business aspects of filmmaking. The organization does this through targeted programs that aid in the professional development of its members, supports individual projects, teaches both new technology and classic mediums, cultivates audiences for independent media, and provides outreach to communities and individuals new to media making. IFP MN continues to serve as a destination for those seeking to develop, nurture and embrace independent thinking and expression.

IFP Minnesota offers:

· Classes on filmmaking and creative software programs.

· Premier classroom space equipped with HD digital projection and state-of-the-art sound

· Access to a center with knowledgeable staff and equipment and facilities

· A network of 500 local members of filmmakers

· Re-granting programs that provide $125,000 annually to filmmakers and screenwriters

· State-of-the-art darkrooms

· A photography gallery

· A Youth Media program that partners with public schools during the academic year and an afterschool program.

· Comfortable meeting rooms, providing groups of 10 to 12 with a private space for critiques and discussions
· Roomy break area for students and artists to relax, review work, and begin new collaborations

IFP Minnesota is part of a larger, national collaborative of IFP chapters across the country serving independent media artists in their local communities. IFP chapters can also be found in New York, Chicago, Phoenix, and Seattle.

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